What are the specific pneumatic tools?


There are many kinds of single pneumatic tools, so it is impossible to count the specific quantity, but they can be roughly divided into four categories, as follows.
1. Assembly, including: pneumatic screwdriver, wind wrench (commonly known as small wind gun), wind gun, pneumatic ratchet wrench, pneumatic punch wrench, pneumatic nail gun, pneumatic cap gun, pneumatic rivet gun, pneumatic drill (some products are called pneumatic threading machine), pneumatic tapping machine, pneumatic nail gun.
Grinding, including: pneumatic sandpaper machine (including disc sandpaper machine, square sandpaper machine, small grinder, point grinder, pneumatic triangular sandpaper machine, zigzag sandpaper machine, special-shaped sandpaper machine), pneumatic eight flap sandpaper machine (also called octagonal sandpaper machine), pneumatic sandpaper machine, pneumatic saw, pneumatic file machine, pneumatic water mill (marble water mill), pneumatic polishing machine, pneumatic wire drawing machine, wind 2 , grinding machine (grinding machine), air grinding pen (grinding pen), pneumatic angle grinder.
3. Spray type, including: spray gun, pneumatic pressure bucket (automatic paint bucket), pneumatic pump, pneumatic mixer.
4. Other categories, including: pneumatic shear, pneumatic wire press, pneumatic shovel, pneumatic rust remover, air pick, pneumatic rock drill, etc.
Of course, each small category can be subdivided into many products for different purposes. For example, pneumatic screwdrivers include straight type, elbow type and gun type. According to the structure, they are divided into impact type and constant torque type. The complex structure of pneumatic tool products is also due to the ever-changing application field. It is possible that a corresponding pneumatic tool product can be derived from one station. But sometimes, although it's all screwing, it's very easy to use one model in this industry, but it's used by another industry, maybe it's broken in a few days. Therefore, thousands of single products of pneumatic tools are also used in the face of the ever-changing industry.