What do you know about pneumatic joints?


Pneumatic joint is widely used in life, so there are many types of pneumatic and characteristics, and there are many places to understand. Here is a detailed introduction of the basic types and functions of pneumatic joint.
Precautions for using pneumatic connector and pneumatic connector:
1. During the design of pneumatic joint pipeline, the space position of pipeline installation, disassembly and commissioning shall be ensured to avoid the interference of mechanical device on the pipeline.
2. Before connecting pipe, compressed air shall be used to remove impurities in the pipe and joint.
3. The pipe laying shall be neat and beautiful, grouped, numbered and tied for inspection. Pay attention to the working environment temperature of the pneumatic joint, because it will directly affect the pressure resistance and reliability of the pneumatic joint.
4. The pneumatic connector shall not be too long to reduce the air pressure loss in the pipeline. If the curvature radius of the pipeline is above the specified value, the bending part shall not be too close to the joint, so as to avoid leakage and twisting of the pneumatic joint.
5. When tightening the threaded pipe joint, pay attention to the proper tightening torque.

1. Quick plug tube pneumatic connector: commonly used for the connection of nylon tube and polyurethane tube in pneumatic circuit. After the pipe is inserted in use, the elastic snap ring in the pneumatic joint of the pipe will bite and fix it by itself, and the O-ring will seal it. When unloading the pipe, just press down the elastic snap ring to pull out the pipe easily. There are many kinds of quick plug-in pipe pneumatic joints, and the size series are also very complete. It is the most widely used type of hose pneumatic joints.
2. Quick change pneumatic joint: it is a kind of pipe pneumatic joint that can realize quick loading and unloading without tools, especially in the pipeline that needs frequent assembly and disassembly. The pneumatic joint of quick change tube is equipped with one-way elements. When the pneumatic joint is connected with each other, it is positioned by steel ball, and the air channels on both sides are connected; when the pneumatic joint is removed, the air channels are disconnected, and the air source switch is no longer needed. Quick change pneumatic joint has internal thread, external thread, metric thread, cylindrical pipe thread, tapered pipe thread and one end is thread, the other end is pagoda pneumatic joint, both ends are pagoda pneumatic joint and both ends are thread and other forms. The pneumatic joint body is made of brass or steel. The surface of brass pneumatic joint is generally polished by nickel and chromium plating.
3. Quick screw type pipe pneumatic joint: its structure has an arc-shaped boss on the outer cone of the pneumatic joint body. When connecting pipe, the hose is sleeved on the outer cone of the pneumatic joint body and the nut is tightened to play a sealing role. It is suitable for the connection of nylon pipe and plastic pipe.
4. Pagoda type pipe pneumatic joint: it is applicable to the connection of rubber pipe and plastic pipe. When the working pressure is more than 0.4MPa, the hose shall be tightened with clamp or metal wire.