What tools do you need to change a car tire?


The tools needed to replace automobile tires: small jack, sleeve of loose screw cap, disassembly head of anti-theft screw, disassembly head of nut protection cover, triangle warning sign.

Step 1: Park safely. In order to ensure safety, the vehicles that need to change tires must be parked at the roadside or emergency lane, and the ground should be flat; turn off the fire, pull the handbrake and turn on the warning light, and place the triangle warning sign behind the vehicle (the expressway is about 100m behind the vehicle).

Step 2: take the tool. The spare wheel of most vehicles is placed in the rear trunk of the vehicle. As long as you follow the instructions of the vehicle or the original vehicle, you can see the spare wheel and the tire changing tool.
Step 3: remove the tire.

1: Loosen the screws first. With the help of tools, open the nut cap, and with the help of the ground force, loosen the screw on the tire to be replaced diagonally.

2: Use the jack again. Place the jack under the side of the vehicle where the tire needs to be replaced, and select the flat position to jack up the vehicle to get off the ground, without raising too high.

3: Remove the screws and remove the tire. Note: the top screw was last removed.

Step 4: replace the spare tire or new tire. After the spare tire is installed on the axle, tighten the anti-theft screw diagonally from the top, and the screw shall be installed accurately in place, otherwise it is easy to slide out. Then loosen the jack to put down the vehicle, tighten the screws again, install the nuts, etc., and the work is finished. The last thing is to pack up the tools.