Products - Accepts TRU FLATE type plugs Heavy-duty JU16

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Accepts TRU FLATE type plugs Heavy-duty JU16

Products - Accepts TRU FLATE type plugs Heavy-duty JU16


  • Accepts TRUFLATE type plugs
  • Heavy-duty ,high-quality design
  • Deep knurled socket sleeve for positive gripping
  • Proven and positive connection using ball-locking mechanism


  • sleeve type couplings are widely used to connect air lines and can also be used with low pressure fluids
  • their compact and economical design uses a balls that engage the locking groove on the mating nipple . the sliding spring loaded sleeve on the coupler must be manually retracted in order to connect or disconnect the nipple . easy to do but two hands are normally required .
  • common applications include: compressed air ,water , grease, paint ,limited vacuum and limited gases .


  • Socket body: zinc-plated steel
  • Backnut : zinc-plated steel
  • Sleeve: Aluminum
  • Valve: steel
  • Valve spring : steel
  • Locking balls and pins : steel
  • Seals :Buna-N/Nitrile


Specifications :

  • Maximum working pressure :150 PSI
  • Temperature Range :-40℉ to 225 ℉(-20℃ to 107 ℃)
  • Air Flow :35SCFM at 100 PSIG inlet with 10 PSIG pressure drop







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