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What are the classifications about pneumatic tools?

A simple classification is as follows.
1. assembly category: pneumatic screwdrivers (wind batches), wind wrenches, wind guns, ratchet wrenches, perforated wrenches, fixed-torque wind batches, fixed-torque wrenches.
2. grinding category: pneumatic disc sandpaper machine, square sandpaper machine, micro sandpaper machine, shaped sandpaper machine, eight-petal sanding machine, pneumatic belt sander, pneumatic sanding machine, pneumatic polishing machine.
3. grinding class: pneumatic angle grinder, engraving grinder (straight-handle grinder), engraving and grinding pen (pen-shaped grinder), pneumatic file, ultrasonic file machine.
4. drilling category: straight pneumatic drill, portable gun-shaped pneumatic drill, right-angle elbow pneumatic drill, professional aviation pneumatic drill, off-angle pneumatic drill.
5. tapping and sleeve class: portable pneumatic tapping machine, desktop robotic arm set tapping machine, portable pneumatic sleeve machine.
6. stone tools: pneumatic water grinding machine, pneumatic stone cutting machine.
7. riveting class: pneumatic pulling cap gun (riveting nut gun), pneumatic pulling nail gun (core riveting gun).
8. shear class: pneumatic shears, pneumatic crimping pliers, pneumatic saw.
9. painting class: spray gun, oil pump, paint tube, air tube, pneumatic pressure barrel, pneumatic mixer.
10 nail guns: straight nail gun (F30/F50/T50), code nail gun (1013J/1013F/422J/1022J/440K/N851), steel nail gun (ST64/MS-1619), nail gun roll
(CN60/CN70/CN100/CN130), pneumatic sealer (1935/2235/SP50-10B-A), C-gun, clip code gun, nail gun, etc..
11. Pounding category: air shovel, air pick, needle type descaling machine, pneumatic rock drill.
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